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Summer Barbeque

Some people love barbeques but if I’m honest they are not my favourite.  I love going to them but they can sometimes be a disappointment. The chicken’s not cooked, the sausages are burnt, the bought barbeque sauce is so overpowering!

But it doesn’t really matter, what matters is we are actually sitting outside in the sunshine with friends or family acting all European.

This is a photograph of a barbeque we did last year for 14 relatives.

Summer Barbeque Gazebo and Table Setting

If you barbeque one sausage, a piece of chicken, a lamb cutlet, and a spare rib per person that soon adds up to an awful lot of meat and cooking. I suggest providing only barbeque sausages and lamb cutlets.Chicken pieces can be cooked in the oven with a simple homemade barbeque sauce and you can always bulk up the rest of the meal with salad potatoes, various salads (one could be a rice salad with diced green pepper, sweet corn and prawns) tortillas, dips and French bread. A cold turkey also goes down well and can be cooked, cooled and carved the night before.

If anyone kindly offers to make and bring a dessert accept immediately otherwise I usually provide homemade ice cream with oven baked fruit and a trifle.


If you are lucky enough to have a big garden a badminton set is always fun, its easy to set up and relatively cheap to buy – not so easy to play however as you always end up losing the shuttlecock in the bushes so make sure you have plenty of spare ones!

  • Patio table, chairs & cushions - John Lewis

  • Green place mats - John Lewis

  • Melamine plates & glasses - Woodcote Nurseries

  • Gazebos - B&Q