Christmas Day

As long as you have space in your Dining Room, the easiest way to extend an existing table is to add a piece of MDF cut to size (B&Q will do this ....<more>

Easter Sunday

Always a great festive occasion, Easter Sunday is perhaps my favourite table to decorate.  You can really become creative at Easter as there are so many tempting decorations around...<more>

Mothers Day

My Mother always said that one of the nicest places she ever went to was The Ritz for a tea dance. It was the starched pink tablecloths and napkins that she remembered as being really special and...<more>

Summer Barbeque

Some people love barbeques but if I’m honest they are not my favourite.  I love going to them but they are usually a disappointment - the chicken’s  not cooked,  the sausages are burnt...<more>

Hollywood Glamour Night

This dinner party is really special for friends or family. Ask them to dress up in their finest outfits to make the evening even more glamorous. Since having this dinner party I have found two more glamorous props....<more>

Chinese New Year

Do you know anybody who doesn’t enjoy Chinese food? No, neither do I.  So at Chinese New Year I don’t...<more>

Lunch with the Girls

Even though this is usually an informal affair you can still make the table look pretty.  The mauve charges and glasses are from a mauve and turquoise...<more>